Dog With A Bone

I have had some situations come up in client sessions recently that caused me to reflect on how willingly the ego/personality part of us can latch onto a difficult life situation and not want to let it go. These situations are usually around their closest personal relationships. There ensues an on-going rehash of the situation – how it should have not happened this way, what can I do to reverse the outcome, why would anyone treat me this way, etc., etc., etc. The inner dialogue seems to go on with little let up and the person is worn completely out trying to resolve the situation to a better conclusion, when in reality it is already a done deal. It seems of no matter that this rehashing is counter productive and wearing – only that the ego at times seems to need to continue on a very non-productive loop to no where.

As I am called to assist these clients to move forward, I do always advise to start to let go of their stuck perspective and to start to refocus on more productive and pleasant parts of their lives. It is a great truth that “energy flows where attention goes”. So it does become vitally important to start the process of moving the attention off of the current trauma and put energy into the more rewarding things in our lives. I also know that this process requires quieting the ego mind about the subject and so may become a difficult task when the experience is fresh.

Over time it is usually possible to more objectively look at the difficult situation and start to see it from different perspectives. To be able to ask and find the answers to important questions about what occurred. Questions like: what did I gain / learn by this happening to me? How am I better for this experience? What might I do differently if a similar situation arises? What does my Soul want me to know about this experience? What is the value in forgiving and moving on?

I often refer to the ego part of us as our “small mind” and it is all about self-protection. So when our ego is wounded it does tend to start into a loop of thoughts about its injury. This part of us is also attached to what I call “small heart”. Once our ego mind gets stuck on a painful wound it tends to close and armor our small heart as well. On the other hand, we all do possess our “big mind” and “big heart” – both of which are connected to our highest spiritual selves. When we can move from the place of wounding and protection which comes from small mind / heart to the more expansive and compassionate part of us which is big mind / heart then we can start to see the larger picture of our journey and what the value has been in each and every experience – no longer calling them bad or good – just calling them lessons.

I believe that all of life lessons come to us for our learning and therefore for our growth and ultimate benefit. Being able to arrive at the place where our wounds can be talked about without feeling wounded and to be grateful for every experience is the object of our healing journey. For those who have the ability to transit difficult ground by tapping into their larger soul perspective, the healing takes less time. For those that get stuck in the ego looping of the limited perspective of the story, the healing will take longer – and may not be healed in one lifetime.

We all came here to magnify our soul through experience, not to get stuck in a painful part of the story that may limit the soul from fully manifesting its purpose for incarnation. So no matter how attached we may be to our wounds, there must come a time when reason prevails and we must let go and seek more joyful, peaceful ways of being.

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The Body Is Just The Messenger

The human form is the vehicle with which we experience the journey of life. As we traverse through life we encounter experiences that wound our heart, mind and spirit which create stress and contraction in the body. When we encounter conflict, stress, or experiences that remind us of our wounds, we begin to contract our energy in habitual ways which builds up “armoring” in the body. Through this constriction of energy flow the body responds by giving us reminders of what needs to be healed.

The body therefore is the message giver – reminding us through tension, pain, discomfort, illness, etc. that we are holding energy patterns that are not in congruence with our core energy. When we clear our energy of held, uncomfortable patterns then we allow for our balanced, pure soul energy to flow at its optimum – which then brings us into greater overall balance and physical health.

It is the body that is asking us to look deeper for the core cause of our dis-comfort or dis-ease which may be mental, emotional or spiritual so the root of the cause can be healed and the body released of its uncomfortable energy contraction and “armoring”.

In Western culture we have become seekers of the “magic bullet” for a quick cure for what ails us. It is important to seek out professional assistance to mend ourselves, but we must not forget that the body is a multi-dimensional vehicle and we must not only mend the physical, but to seek to know the deeper components that have brought about the ailment.

There are times when there are lessons to be learned through physical ailments – I am reminded of the story of Job. So, there are times that the body is afflicted to teach us grace under fire. I do believe that when the lesson is learned the body is restored – so getting the lesson may be an important factor in any physical healing process.

We are each gifted with this magical, multi-dimensional vehicle to be our container during our life journey. This container holds our sacred soul mind and energy that we bring into physical manifestation. We each are like the fingers of Source touching mortality. We each are the Gods and Goddesses of our physical universe and how we take care of the physical form will reflect our view of its sacredness. Learning to interpret both the loud and the more subtle messages we receive from the body is an important part of our learning while incarnate.

The body is our ally in the healing process and the goal is to get our ego to stop fighting with our higher self, to unify the elements of our nature, to make friends with our energy systems and to wake up and take charge of our lives. There may be difficult parts of this journey – the dark night of the soul, purifying our energy of long held patterns or descending into the deepest reaches of our psyche. The body gives us the messages that may cry for attention and change and any effort given to listen and heal will always bring you closer to a state of spiritual and physical health.

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Thought Forms

I recently had the privilege of working with a client that clearly showed me the power of long held thought forms and patterns.  It has led me to reflect on how powerful the mind is at interpreting our individual world based on the programmed thought patterns that form our inner world and become our outer experience as well.

Being human we all are imprinted with thought patterns – beliefs, judgements, opinions, etc. that come from our caretakers as children and then added to by friends, acquaintances, significant others, educators, and many more.  Some of these patterns are benign – causing us no inner limitations that transfers to our outer experience.  If, as the thought forms and patterns are initially imprinted, they are done so with elements of emotional difficulty – pain, fear, disempowerment, denial of the self, loss, disrespect, etc. then it creates thought forms and patterns that are limiting and disrupting in the present moment.  It seems that sometimes these negative imprinting patterns are done without intent or malicious design – but the most damage to our inner thought forms is done when the patterning is done by purposeful, malevolent intention.

Whenever there are mind patterns that are ingrained and are tied to unresolved emotions they create limits in our behavior.  We may not feel safe or have deep emotional reactions if we stray outside the limits that are in our mind.  It is as if we can only move down a narrow hallway and if we stray outside the bounds of the narrow space then we fear something difficult will occur – so we limit our experience to avoid the possibility of encountering the underlying unresolved emotions.  I am reminded of how a baby elephant can be trained to stay in one place by a chain attached to one of its legs.  As it grows it clearly becomes strong enough to pull the stake out of the ground – but in its mind it is held fast by the long held thought pattern of the chain.  So it is with long held, unresolved thought forms and patterns that keep us from being our full selves and living to our highest potential – our self-imposed chains that imprison us long after those that imprinted the thought forms are gone.

This prison of thought forms will be held in our mind and limit our life experience until we grow strong enough, seek professional assistance, and even spiritual intervention to help us break the long held patterns of painful restriction.  We must become aware of these limitations and have grown weary enough of their presence to finally choose to seek out help and make this dramatic change.  By altering these thoughts that block us from our inner light and peace we reach into our inner darkness and pull ourselves more fully into the light.  Our soul of love and light becomes present and as it does it makes new, positive thought forms and patterns from which we can live our lives more fully in grace.

This is the long and difficult journey of healing – removing limitations and their underlying cause to reveal the beauty of our inner being of love and light and to live fully integrated from that place.  This allows us to expand the positive potential for living in the moment and stop the internal limitations and the battlefield of the mind that causes internal and external suffering and strife.  As we heal ourselves we can then offer healing energy to others – bringing each out of darkness more fully into the freedom of peace, love and light.

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Trusting the Flow

We all have a life that is currently in progress and our ego mind has a sure idea of how it thinks our life should unfold. It also tends to fret and worry when there is uncertainty or when there are obstacles that seem to loom in our path – even when we may have created these obstacles. We also tend to fall into emotional traps when life as we thought it should be or wanted it to be, just isn’t materializing the way we hoped and planned.

As long as we only look to our small, ego mind to give us life direction then we may always be subject to fears, frustrations and disappointments about our life journey. In fact the ego mind and its pain avoidance tendencies may lead us off into choices that cause our life to become derailed and require much need for correction to get back on track. It is important to come to the realization that the ego really doesn’t have all the information to be able to make our most important life decisions and to have accurate judgments about how our life is unfolding.

Learning to relax, breathe and trust that our Soul and its supporting network always knows the larger picture is not easy for the ego mind to embrace. It may be a lifelong learning process to be able to allow this trust to bring peace to the ego mind. It is not an easy task, but one that brings a more serene, positive outlook to the flow of our life.

The monkey mind only has past history as reference and does not have the ability to see into the future. So at some point we have to start to have faith – in ourselves, our intuition, destiny, karma, guidance, our soul wisdom, whatever you want to call it. When we can come from a place of trust and faith then we find an inner reservoir of hope, calmness, courage, confidence and assurance that no matter the outcome it is as it should be and for the best.

When we come from a place of trust and faith about the events and experiences that come into our lives it will support a continuation of this peaceful, positive flow. In this environment we can do the work to create the kind of self that we will be happy to live with for the rest of our lives. One that approaches life from a positive, grateful perspective. Gracefully accepting what may come our way, learning from it and not dissolving into an angry, resentful, worried mess whenever life gives us unexpected bumps in the road. Learning to trust and go with the flow is such a necessary lesson; giving us the ability to relax, breathe and bring more peaceful harmony to our daily existence.

This is not to say that “bad” things won’t happen in our lives or that we will never make a miserable, foolish mistake. But trusting our instincts and our soul guidance to give us the means to make the best of what has occurred, or to right the error of our ways is the means to move forward to the best outcome.